Oncology Registry Services

Specialty Data

Specialty Data consistently delivers an array of oncology analytical and management solutions that ensure you achieve cancer program excellence on an ongoing basis. We strive to address the evolving challenges associated with cancer programs accreditation, standards and quality.

Our Services Include:

Cancer Program Management
We recognize that every client we meet is unique, and we customize our services to fill every particular need. Whether it is to clear a backlog of cases, getting Commission on Cancer (CoC) accredited or National Accreditation for Breast Cancers (NAPBC) accredited, we are here to help. Our certified staff has consistently achieved the goals set and with over 20 years of experience, we have continually evolved to meet all the new standards.

The essence of all data is the quality with which it was abstracted. We are proficient in identifying all reportable cases and ensuring timely and accurate abstracting. Whether it’s current, backlog, or concurrent Rapid Query Reporting (RQRS), our staff has the experience to succeed. This ensures the registry has the most complete and accurate snapshot for reporting, whether internally or to outside agencies.

This critical data allows the registry to have a clear picture of survival trends for different stages of disease and treatment in patients. Whether it is a 5 year or lifetime follow up, our multilingual staff utilize several local, state and nationwide databases to capture the latest follow up data on our patients.

Special Studies and Patient Care Evaluations
The data in the cancer registry is the key for evaluating all aspects of diagnosis, staging, treatment and follow-up. Data extracted from your registry and presented in special studies enables medical staff and administration to analyze patterns of care and areas for improvement and hence improving your cancer program.

Oncology Program Annual Reports
With over 100 narrative and statistical annual reports developed, we bring experience and creativity in preparing and disseminating your Annual Report. These reports not only advertise the strengths of your cancer program, they also show how registry data is being used to study diagnosis and treatment trends.

ACoS Survey Readiness
Having successfully completed over 60 American College of Surgeons (ACoS) surveys, many with commendations, our record speaks for itself. Our staff employs several tools to rapidly assess the current status of the program and determine any existing gaps. This allows us to put in motion a plan with the steps required to be ready for a successful survey. We can further assure readiness by conducting internal mock surveys or surveys by CoC trained staff. Our proven methodologies have consistently led to successful outcomes.

Quality Assurance, Training and General Maintenance
All Specialty Data staff attend state, regional, and national meetings to ensure that their experience and knowledge grows as new rules and regulations come into place. Whether it’s re-abstracting, reviewing, or compliance adherence, our staff is here for you.